Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The ultimate butter loving baked good...The CROISSANT!

As the butter obsessed baker, I've spent years contemplating baking the beloved butter baked good that is feared in many kitchens: THE CROISSANT!  I knew I'd want to embark on this feat sooner vs. later, and, alas, here I am. 

Undertaking this task was not a quick decision.  I've spent the last week or so researching croissant recipes, and learned a ton about croissant dough, specifically:
  • the importance of which flours to use - there isn't one; 
  • the quantity of butter to use as it relates to the amount of flour specified - the higher the butter to flour ratio the better (in my head, anyway); 
  • eggs - there shouldn't be any in the recipe; 
  • croissants are all about temperature (cold) and 'resting' the dough (leaving it alone in a cold environment) 
Since this baked good really and truly is 'all about the butter' (the quantity of butter required in a recipe can be anywhere from 42% to 84% of the recipe as a ratio to flour), i've chosen the recipe that calls for 84% of butter as a ratio to the flour (huge surprise, I know).  I sincerely doubt I'll be disappointed in the final product provided I heed all of the instructions properly!

The croissant baking journey commences tomorrow, wish me luck!

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