Monday, January 21, 2013

Coffee &, really!

While I exploit my love for butter, many friends of mine know I feel similarly about coffee.

Living in tea nation, it is quite difficult to find a good cup of coffee.  I do prefer my coffee at home than those cups I can buy at the local cafes.  Thanks to Illy Caffe and our Rancilio Silvia, along with some yummy chocolate and Monin Syrup, I've been able to perfect my own Hazelnut Mochaccino.

Having said that, a wonderful friend of mine that I knew back in CA sent me an article about how to make your coffee 'bulletproof'.  Of course I was interested.  And not surprisingly, butter was the secret ingredient.  Have a look:

While I have yet to try this at home, I have little doubt at how extraordinary it is.  And I also imagine that this too will be something I yearn to perfect on the homefront!

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